Hamster Nostalgia!

I loved Hamtaro as a child, it's one of my earliest interests that I can remember, alongside Pokemon and Krypto the Super Dog

Hamtaro Rainbow Rescue is one of the only games I can remember beating as a kid, the first Pokemon game I ever beat was Black 2
I recently replayed it and it still holds up as the best GBA game I've played. I haven't been able to find any other GBA games that compare to it in terms of fun factor

I think my first exposure to Hamtaro was getting a coloring book of Jingle's first episode at a store

I think it was mainly a carpet store, but also had other inexpensive stuff
I remember they had a few Cardcaptor Sakura books too, but I was never able to find that show as a kid

I also had Hamtaro DVDs, as I think Hamtaro was at the end of its Cartoon Network run when I became a fan
Either that or I was just never able to catch it on TV

I really loved the Hamtaro GBA games

A lot of people have tons of nostalgia for Ham Ham Heartbreak, but that's the only Hamtaro GBA game I didn't have

Instead, as you probably picked up on, I am very attached to Rainbow Rescue, the Hamtaro game I did grow up on
I also had Ham Ham Games, which was also very fun
I especially loved the synchronized swimming and archery games when I was a kid

I actually still have yet to see any actual synchronized swimming in my life, but I was enraptured by the idea as a kid
I feel like I was even interested in doing it as a sport

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