Welcome to my dream diary! I want to get better at remembering my dreams, and I've heard keeping a dream diary helps you to do that! I also feel like my dreams are influenced by my subconscious, and I like the idea of having my dreams together in one place to see common threads between them. My grandmother has had prophetic dreams, so I feel like I should keep my dreams together just in case I inherit this ability


5/11/21 I dreamed I was in a big mansion with my cousins Emma and Laina. It was like a maze, and some parts were too dark to see. There was a room that had Hamtaro figures in it and I think maybe a copy of Rainbow Rescue? There was also an earlier section of the dream where I was thrift shopping with my mom. I think my cousins were there too at that point. I often have dreams of thift shopping and finding cool stuff. I had come across a plush of Mecha King Ghidorah and a Darkness Dragon plush. I have a Darkness Dragon plush, her name is Henbit and I snuggle her every night, whether its spooning her or using her as a pillow. She is incredibly soft. In the dream I remember thining "Oh! Just like Henbit! :)".
The dream was rather eerie in the mansion. Like I said, it was like a maze, and some parts were so dark you couldn't see where you were going. I think that part of the dream came from the fact that I was watching a Crash Bandicoot 2 letsplay before I fell asleep, and it was mostly the level thats all dark. I think the Hamtaro stuff was in the dream because I had been editing the Hamtaro page on my website last night.


I was roleplaying like I did in my childhood, but we all actually looked like our characters. It was Trailer Park Boys themed. I was Bubbles and I was with my friend who was Sarah for most of the dream. We were trying to help Julian, I think he was in some sort of deep debt with some dangerous people.

I killed my mom for some reason, I felt very guilty about it. I was very upset when I woke up and felt a deep guilt in my soul


Me and my partner snuggling at night, trying not to make too much noise and wake his mom up. We giggled and hid under blankets. A wonderful experience of love

Childhood I was in a dark and purply cartoon swamp. I went fishing and pulled out my brother's skeleton

Childhood A vampire with a chainsaw was trying to get into our house. I lived at my childhood house at the time. We had many many front doors but he was cutting through them and getting closer to us. Other neighbors of ours were hiding with us. I feel like I woke up when he finally cut through the final door