I was a very fearful child

As I brought up before, I refused to look in mirrors for a period because my friend told me about Bloody Mary. I was worried that if I even thought her name she would appear. Each time I'd go to the bathroom at school I'd keep my eyes down as to not even glance at the mirrors

I still have a bit of an aversion to mirrors, but for pretty different reasons. If I look at a mirror for too long it feels like I'm looking at a trapped copy of myself. A creature who wishes it were me. Forced into copying my every movement. I worry that it will rebel against its role of being my reflection. I know this is an illogical fear, yet I cannot break myself from it. I spend a lot of my life knowing my thoughts are illogical, yet I cannot let go of them.


When I first heard of the Dullahan, it was at a Saint Patrick's Day event.
A man was telling the story of a woman who was walking through the woods and thought she heard hoofsteps behind her, but never saw anything when she looked behind her. Yet whenever she walked she swore she could hear steps other than her own.
The steps began to unsync from her own, and she looked over her shoulder to see the Dullahan behind her.

At least I think that's how it went, I don't have a very good memory

When I was in the woods, I would always check behind me
My mind would play tricks on me and make me wonder if the footsteps I heard were just my own